Contact Us

Contact Us
Honey Grove City Hall & Police Department 633 N 6th Street
Honey Grove, Texas 75446
General Information: 903-378-3033
Water Department: 903-378-2323
Water Department Cell: 903-249-8143
City Fax: 903-378-7890
Police Department: 903-378-2222
Police Department: 903-378-2223
Police Cell: 903-227-8549
Police Fax: 903-378-3085

Welcome to the City of Honey Grove
City Secretary, Jaci Garner, can assist you with any business pertaining to Honey Grove. Water Clerk, Linda Brown, can assist you with matters pertaining to the Water Department. Court and Office Clerk, Cindi Page, can also assist you in any general matters.

Any weekday, you can stop by City Hall or just call and ask one of the "ladies" for assistance!

The Municipal Judge, Kenny Karl, has his office at City Hall. You may set up an appointment with him pertaining to any municipal legal matters.

The City of Honey Grove is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

City of Honey Grove
City Secretary
Jaci Garner:
Mailing Address: 633 N 6th Street
Honey Grove, Texas 75446
Physical Address: 633 N 6th Street
Honey Grove, Texas 75446
Fax: 903-378-7890

Business Forms
City Hall Employees

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